Beginning June 2018, a team of committed individuals representing various stakeholder organizations in cancer control met at a stakeholder’s roundtable event.

This event was hosted by Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment, in collaboration with the National Cancer Control Programme at the Ministry of Health, National Cancer Institute – Kenya, and Kenyan Network of Cancer Organisations. It was supported financially by American Cancer Society. The team agreed to form a Technical Working Group for Cervical Cancer Eradication, a culmination of which is the formation of the Stop Cervical Cancer Initiative.

This initiative represents a diverse and multi-sectoral collaboration to profile cervical cancer as a major public health concern and help Stop Cervical Cancer in Kenya. This is also in support of the global call made in May 2018 by the,WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for action towards the elimination of cervical cancer.

Through the STOP Cervical Cancer Initiative, the partners are joining forces in responding to the global call and actively contributing to the eradication of cervical cancer within Kenya, through coordination of The National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (NCCAW) will be held annually in Kenya, with the first one planned for 21st to 27th January 2019.

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The National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (NCCAW)

21st - 27th January 2019

The main focus of the NCCAW is to increase public awareness on primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer, and catalyze action for all stakeholders to create an enabling environment for cervical cancer prevention in Kenya. The NCCAW seeks to establish effective partnerships and collaborations for a coordinated initiative with various activities for cervical cancer control, which will lead to reduced incidence, morbidity and mortality.
Stop Cervical Cancer Initiative member organizations are outlined below. To join the network, contact us on email

1. National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP); Ministry of Health
2. National Cancer Institute – Kenya (NCI-Kenya); Ministry of Health
3. National Vaccines & Immunization Program (MVIP); Ministry of Health
4. Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment (Women 4 Cancer)
5. The Aga Khan Hospital
6. Pathologists Lancet Kenya (Lancet Kenya)
7. Oasis of Life
8. Kenyan Network of Cancer Organisations (KENCO)
9. Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
10. Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA)
11. Health Promotion Unit; Ministry of Health
12. County First Ladies Association (CFLA)
13. Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya (CACK)
14. Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF)
15. Amref Health Africa
16. American Cancer Society
17. SOS Health Program



To reduce your risk of cervical cancer: