Benda N. Kithaka


~ Chairlady~


In February 2010, my young sister – 29 years old and a mother of one child called with the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was made by a general practitioner in a village hospital. She was utterly broken and was on a panic mode; trying to make future plans for her young family; since unfortunately, any cancer diagnosis is viewed by many as a death sentence. With the support of my husband, we asked her to come to Nairobi for a second opinion from my gynecologist in Nairobi.

The doctor ordered a number of tests, among them a pap smear. The test results came out as Suspicious Cancerous Cells. He gave my sister some medications and requested that she pay him a second visit after the dose was complete for a second Pap Smear which was done three months later in June 2010. The results came back as negative of the Cancerous Cells.

The doctor went ahead to assure us that the results were this encouraging since the suspicious nasty cells had been caught and treated early. My sister did not have to go through any operation, chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat the cancerous cells - for which we thank God. From this experience, I learnt that if we're going to beat cancer, early detection is imperative! I feel a desperate need to educate the public about cancer; encouraged by my Sister’s experience; and help educate women so they take the steps to get tested; and are diagnosed early!

So here I am; spreading the message that There Is Hope Today for Tomorrow! Through Early Detection and Treatment! 


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