Catherine Wachira


~ Board Member ~


Cancer has been a reality in my family. Over the last two years, my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer of the breast. She had a successful surgical intervention done, a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast). She has also been on chemotherapy and we are all grateful and so far we remain hopeful about her prognosis.

We all have reservations and fears about being screened for cancer. The silent questions we ask ourselves are: “what if I really do have cancer; will I die?” “Who will care for my family?” To most of us cancer is a death sentence. The good news is that some cancers can be treated, if detected early. We should not wait until it is too late to treat the cancer.

I would encourage all to overcome your fears and go for screening. It cannot be over emphasized on how important it is to catch any suspicious growth or cells at an early stage. This can be done by screening regularly for any of the gynaecological cancers. To all of you out there, take this opportunity to screen for cancer TODAY!


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