Through our community awareness and education campaigns, we promote health seeking behaviors among vulnerable populations. Our goal is to empower people to take personal responsibility for own health, and ensure healthier and wealthier families by beating cancer early. Our activities include:

  1. Community Education and Awareness – we equip Kenyans with knowledge on benefits of early detection & treatment; known modifiable risk factors; how to identify early signs of cancer; and the measures to take for early diagnosis and early treatment. Our awareness talks cover the five most prevalent cancer cases devastating our people in Kenya. Cervical, Breast, Prostate, Colorectal, Esophageal. We are also concerned about risk of Skin for our girls in future, and educate them on behavior change to prevent cancers of the future.

    We also inform people on where they can easily access medical services and mobilize communities to register for NHIF to manage their cost of treatment. Our Community Health Change Agents teach women on how to conduct monthly Self Breast Examination (SBE) as a preventative tool for breast cancer.

    You too can get involved by booking an awareness talk for your church, school, village, workplace or any other social gathering. To book an awareness talk for your community click the button below to register


  3. Cancer Advocacy Training – recognizing that our team cannot be everywhere at the same time, we facilitate cancer advocacy trainings at minimal cost, as a fundraising tool; but also to cascade knowledge sharing among our people.

  4. Achievements so far:
    • Facilitated and coordinated health awareness talks reaching over 35,000 people in different parts of the Country
    • Media Awareness Campaigns through TV, Print, Online & Radio where our staff and volunteersappeared on national media as part of our community education activities to demystify cancer
    • Coordination of anAnnual Cancer Walk known as the “Globeathon” in the month of September,with the aim of raising the profile of women’s cancers in Kenya