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Our story

In January 2012, four friends met together for lunch, hosted by one of them at her home. They got to discuss the cancer situation in Kenya. The four comprised of a Nurse, a Marketer, an Oncologist and Lawyer. From this discussion, it was clear that there is a lot of talk and not much action in the area of preventive medical care in Kenya.

From the lunch meeting, the ladies realized they shared A vision, A dream, a day when every woman will have access to screening and preventive treatment of cancer and a shared passion to champion for a time when the incidence of cancer in Kenya will be greatly reduced.

Inspired by the amazing work done globally especially in the developed world, where statistics have shown the amazing results that active early screening and treatment of cancer, coupled with healthy lifestyles has significantly reduced prevalence of Gynecological Cancers, the ladies decided to focus initially on Cervical Cancer for a four year programme, and hopefully later to roll out the programme to other forms of cancer.

The passion they share is fueled by the realization that each person in our community has had an interaction with cancer, through either a personal experience or watching a loved one struggle with cancer. The below stories shed more light on how each of us has interacted with cancer in the past.

Liz’s Story,
Njoki’s Story,
Cathy’s Story,
Benda’s Story. 

Feel free to share your story too and encourage others on how you overcame, continue to overcome, or are fighting the disease.

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