We conduct cancer screening medical camps that integrate other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD). Our service offering includeHPV DNA Testing and Pap Smear for cervical cancer screening, clinical breast examinations, and health assessments for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and vision assessments and management.

Achievements so far:

  1. We have organized and conducted over 30 medical camps in various counties with overwhelming attendance and the following outcomes:

  2. - More than 4,300 women from economically marginalized communities offered Free Pap Smear Tests
    - 233 women reached with Free / Subsidized High Risk HPV DNA Screening
    - 180+ Women treated for infections and pre-cancer lesions that would otherwise have resulted in cervical cancer

  3. Innovated a Mobile Lab Framework for field-based cytology model where we are able to report on and disseminate same-day-results for papsmear tests taken in the villages. We are able to conduct and process 150 – 200 Pap Smears in a single day

  4. Successfullybrought down the cost of offering pap smear tests to women from an average of Kes. 3,500 in 2012, to the current Kes. 1,000 offered at major hospitals today, through active engagement and negotiations with service providers.